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Samsung Movistar Spain - Slow Service

Delivery Time :
12-36 Hours
Price :
Details :

INSTANT Service 24x7 .Just Read THE Timing

Valid for all Samsung models Movistar.

  1. Note :  Samsung Galaxy S3, get the code wrong at times and do not accept refund for MISTAKE .
  2. DO NOT ADD Tablet IMEIS
  3. NO DELIVERY ON FREEZE CODE (past attempts terminals must be ordered by the Samsung service delivery Europe if the code freeze) claims are not supported.
  4. IMPORTANT: All Samsung Galaxy (I9000 and I9100 models, I9300) after update to version 4.1.2 Relocked & Only Unlock via Cable then .
  5. IF Relocked AFTER UPDATE NOT Refunds Possible .
  6. Wrong IMEI - NO Refund by Supplier
  7. Wrong Network - No Refund , so just read ALL Before ORDER .


* Service ON API - We can not Cancal if Order placed , and if you use service after read NOTES ,DO NOT ASK FOR REFUNDS .