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Alcatel (MTK Android)

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List of Alcatel MTK Android supported for calculations.


Alcatel 890 891 903 903D 908 908F 909 910 916 916D 918 918D 918N 922 928 966 985 990 991 991D 992 997 
Alcatel 3201 7030 7030L 7030R 
Alcatel A890 A909 A919 A966 A980 A986 C908 C918 C919 C990
Alcatel M960 MOV2 MOVE V861 V958 W939 W969
Momo Design MD 
Orange Denve


KBH Field = Phone SRO


To get SRO, power on phone and type *#837# or *#3228# then search name that starts with "X" letter in the list.


Example: XG55NBG3


Calculator Tool Refund policy



The code comes from a calculator. It is calculated with the informations you give. If you enter a bad IMEI or a wrong SRO, you will get a code, and this one will not work and you won't get a refund.