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Alcatel (Spreadtrum MCU)

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Unlock Description


New Alcatel security, here full complete list

Alcatel OT-316
Alcatel OT-316D
Alcatel OT-316S
Alcatel OT-1051
Alcatel OT-236G 
Alcatel OT-1051D 
Alcatel OT-1060
Alcatel OT-1060D
Alcatel OT-1062
Alcatel OT-1063
Alcatel OT-3116N 
Virgin VM575
Etc ...


How insert unlock code:




1.- Start cell with non accepted SIM Card.


2.- If SIM Card have PIN write and click OK.


3.- Cell will ask for Unlock Code, just type the code and click OK.




1.- Start the phone without SIM Card and Type *#0000*Código#
2.- After this type *#0001*Código#
OPCIÓN 3 If cell no ask for unlock code when you insert non accepted SIM Card type ###765*08#codigo
MODELS 535 y 531
1.- Start phone without SIM Card.
2.- Hold "*" and type 787292.
3.- Enter in "Unlock Network" menu and select YES then type unlock code.


Calculator Tool Refund policy



The code comes from a calculator. It is calculated with the informations you give. If you enter a bad IMEI or a wrong SRO, you will get a code, and this one will not work and you won't get a refund.